Line-X is a leading brand of protective coatings based on Polyuria and Polyurethane.

the applications of these coatings are endless, and we serve and specialize on the automotive, marine and commercial and industrial market.


Beyond bed liners” our bread and butter is the sprain bed liner application, but if you want we can coat your whole car truck or SUV for protection and cool looks, we have a wide range of coatings for you to choose what suits you the most, not only that, we really love trucks and vans and everything with wheels, this is why our shop is fully capable to equip your vehicle, from bed covers, steps, suspensions, lights, wheels and tires to work van equipment (shelving, ladder racks, etc…) We service the Fleet market as well as the General public.


Our products go also hand and hand with the marine business, Line-X not only protects against corrosion it’s also slip resistant, we can coat your whole boat, or your T-top, these application has become very popular because our products are much more durable than anything out there.

Commercial and industrial

Line-X has proven to be one of the best solutions to many industrial applications. Our attributes include water proofing; sound deadening; protection against the elements in the environment, chemical and mechanical abrasion; we’re approved by the FDA for secondary food contact; among many other. So this makes Line-X ideal for things like secondary containment areas, walk in freezers, machinery, heavy equipment, tools, any many other things you just have to ask, there’s barely a project we can’t tackle.


Thank you for making such an incredible product. I’ve experienced your products while serving with the U.S. Army and on my personal trucks. Your products are far superior to any other brand out there and ...

I just picked up my F-150 and was totally in AWE of the fantastic spray liner job.

I received my truck with a LINE-X bedliner sprayed over the rails and I cannot be more pleased. All the lines were smooth and it looks incredible. I also chose to use LINE-X PREMIUM as well and have no regrets.